Process and Procedure to Propose a New Committee 

Role and Impact of Committees on the Administration of Justice, Understanding of the Law and the Practice of Law
The Missouri Bar currently has over 40 open enrollment standing committees focusing on substantive areas of law and/or the administration of justice.  Committees represent the driving force behind much of the work and activities of The Missouri Bar. The committees typically engage in activities which include, but are not limited to:

  • Drafting and/or reviewing legislative proposals
  • Developing and presenting continuing legal education programs and print reference materials and practice resources
  • Increasing public understanding of the law
  • Helping educators teach young people about the justice system
  • Developing a variety of programs and activities to help lawyers improve the efficiency of their practices
  • Developing a variety of programs to maintain the highest level of professionalism among members

Networking, Relationship Building - A Positive Impact on Missouri Lawyers and Their Practices
In addition to having the opportunity to engage in important activities that can have a direct impact on the laws related to particular substantive areas and Missouri's justice system as a whole, these committees also typically develop and engage in activities that give their members an opportunity to interact, network and develop important professional relationships with other lawyers who practice in the same substantive area of law.


Missouri Bar members, in good standing, may apply for a new open enrollment standing committee if they feel the establishment of such a committee will meet the minimum requirements established and incorporated into the process listed below.  

The process includes the submission of (1) a New Committee Application, (2) a Member Petition, and (3) a Request for Review. The forms can be completed and submitted electronically or in printed form.

Step 1: New Committee Application

The New Committee Application ensures that the member submitting the application has reviewed the current Standing Committees of The Missouri Bar and meets minimum requirements to ensure the new committee being proposed demonstrates it will address a unique and unmet need and/or area of practice within the committee structure and will not interfere, dilute or overlap negatively with the focus and/or efforts of an existing standing committee.

Timing Deadline: Members who wish to propose a new standing committee may submit a fully completed New Committee Application any time after the final day of each year's Annual Meeting and will have until the following April 1 to collect the level of support required for a valid Member Petition.    

Step 2: Member Petition

A Member Petition containing the requisite member support is required for any New Committee Application.  The Member Petition ensures the new committee being proposed demonstrates it will have a significant commitment of members at its inception (100 or more members) and have a commitment from those petitioned which will provide for a minimum of three years of initial leadership in place at inception (pledges of at least one chair and two vice-chairs for three-year terms).  

Timing Deadline: The member of The Missouri Bar submitting a New Committee Application will be emailed a printable petition and a link to an online petition within five business days after submitting the application.  The individual will then have until the following April 1 to solicit and collect the names of 100 or more members of The Missouri Bar in good standing who pledge support for the establishment of the new proposed committee as a member, as well as, leadership commitment as required.

Step 3: Request for Review

When the individual submitting the New Committee Application has successfully collected the requisite number of names on the Member Petition, they must submit a Request for Review. This request can be accomplished using the following links:

Timing Deadline: The Request for Review must be submitted by April 1 of the bar year in which the application was submitted.

Final Determination
Any new committee application fully completed and meeting the minimum requirements and timing deadlines for review during a bar year will be considered by the Board Assessment Committee. This committee of the Board of Governors will formulate a recommendation which will be taken up by the Board of Governors at its spring meeting for approval or disapproval at its sole discretion.

If approved, an online connect.MOBAR community will be established for the new committee in May. Leadership for the committee will be appointed in June or July, and the new committee will be formally established as of the first day of the next bar year (first day after the end of the Annual Meeting).