Speakers' Bureau

It has never been more important that the public understand how Missouri's court system works and why the third branch of government must remain a co-equal branch—and not weakened or politicized. Lawyers are in a unique position to educate the public and build support for our state courts.

The Missouri Bar is regularly contacting civic, social, service and educational groups throughout the state. The groups are advised that lawyers in their community are ready and eager to explain our state legal system, addressing topics such as: the role of judges; the value of a fair and impartial judiciary; and how the Non-Partisan Court Plan works for Missourians.

If you would like to help the public understand more about Missouri's courts, sign up now by contacting Brett Rolwes at brolwes@mobar.org or (573) 638-2242. Speaking resources are available on the website and more are being developed and will be provided to all lawyers who sign up.