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Major changes are coming to July 1, 2023, to expand public access to public case documents from personal electronic devices. This will fulfill a long-term goal of our Missouri courts. Since its inception in the 1990s, has allowed the public to retrieve real-time public information about public cases, such as party and lawyer information, detailed docket entries, and scheduled hearings and trials. Over the years, while the information available to the public via expanded, it has provided links only to civil and criminal judgments.

With the implementation of Missouri’s electronic filing system in 2011, registered e-filing users could log into “secure” to see documents remotely, but the public could not. Instead, the public could only see public case documents by using designated computer terminals in local courthouses. Beginning July 1, however, the public also will have remote access to public case documents.

While your obligation to redact confidential information as required by law is not new, the increased public access to court documents underscores the need for diligence and care in carrying out this redaction responsibility. Find links to revised rules regarding redaction, information about no-cost CLEs, video tutorials, and more to help you meet this obligation here in the Remote Public Access and Redaction Center.

Beginning July 1, 2023, for every document you file, you will be required to certify you have complied with your redaction obligation as to that document.

If you make a mistake or are concerned a mistake was made in a document filed by someone else by failing to redact information that should have been redacted, you may file a Motion to Correct Redaction per COR 2.02(e)(4) which states "When a motion is filed alleging a document filed with the court contains insufficiently redacted confidential information, the clerk shall raise the document′s security level to a confidential setting. The court shall dispose of the motion within 30 days. If the court determines the document is sufficiently redacted, the clerk shall reset the document’s security level to allow for proper public access." There is one form for filing in circuit court known as GN 325 Motion to Correct Redaction and it is available on the General Forms webpage of

July 1, 2023, is a statewide deadline for when filers will be required to certify all documents meet redaction requirements. But not all public case documents will be available remotely to the public on that date. Instead, there will be a schedule for when a particular court’s public documents will become remotely accessible.

Note: Once remote access is granted for a particular court, that court’s public case documents will be available retroactively to July 1, 2023. The public will use the designated computer terminals in local courthouses to see public case documents filed before then.

To help balance the expansion of remote public access to with the anticipated resulting demand on the judiciary’s information technology systems, the Missouri Court Automation Committee – the statutory committee overseeing the state’s case management system – has set the following implementation schedule for 2023:

Remote access date                                      

Courts (including all districts or divisions) 

 On July 1, 2023

Supreme Court of Missouri and Missouri Court of Appeals 

 On or after July 16, 2023

Circuits 1-11 

 On or after Aug. 20, 2023

Circuits 12-21 

 On or after Sept. 17, 2023

Circuits 22-29 

 On or after Oct. 22, 2023

Circuits 30-46 

Click here to view a map of Missouri’s circuit courts.

For court-specific information, visit the Find a Court search feature.

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"Redaction Information Filing Sheet" renamed "CRIFS/Unredacted document" (The Missouri Bar)

File a new case (The Missouri Bar)

File on an existing case (The Missouri Bar)

Respond to a docket entry (The Missouri Bar)

Motion to redact (The Missouri Bar)


Hon. Jeffrey W. BatesMissouri Court of Appeals, Springfield
Catherine Nelson ZachariasOffice of State Courts Administrator, Jefferson City
Melinda J. BentleyLegal Ethics Counsel, Jefferson City
David W. RansinRansin Injury Law, Springfield

On-demand, self-study CLE

Motion for correction, CRIFS, and FAQs (19 minutes)
Rule change, ethical, and practical considerations with Q&A (1 hour, 14 minutes)

Rule change and ethical considerations (38 minutes)


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