Dispute Resolution

Fee Dispute Resolution Program
A fee dispute complaint is often the result of a misunderstanding between the attorney and client or a disagreement about the quality of the services provided. The Fee Dispute Resolution Program is available at no cost and on a voluntary basis to help address fee disputes between Missouri lawyers and their clients. The program provides a confidential process to resolve fee disputes through facilitation, mediation, or binding arbitration. A client must submit a completed petition form to initiate the process. The Fee Dispute Resolution Committee oversees the program; trained lawyers and non-lawyer professionals serve as volunteer facilitators, mediators, and arbitrators. The program serves the entire state of Missouri.

Lawyer-to-Lawyer Dispute Resolution Program
Operating under Supreme Court Rule 5.10, this program offers a mediation-like process and binding arbitration to resolve disputes between lawyers over money and property issues, as well as complaints about professionalism matters. Volunteer lawyers serve as facilitators and the program’s services are offered free-of-charge to Missouri Bar members. The Lawyer-to-Lawyer Dispute Resolution Committee oversees the program.

Complaint Resolution Program
The Complaint Resolution Program works to improve the legal profession’s image through the resolution of complaints referred by the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel (OCDC). Under Supreme Court Rule 5.10, OCDC refers complaints it believes may be resolved through an alternative resolution process rather than through formal disciplinary proceedings. The Complaint Resolution Committee administers the program. Lawyers from across the state serve as volunteer facilitators who are appointed to assist parties in resolving referred complaints.