Get Involved

The Missouri Bar has lots of ways for lawyers to get involved. Here are just some of the ways you can serve:

Apply for an Appointment Vacancy

Find a listing of vacancies on various bar-related boards and committees, and either nominate or apply today.


Each year, the Missouri Bar recognizes individuals who have helped improve the state's justice system. Discover what awards are available to apply or nominate.

Join a Committee

Committees and sections represent the driving forces behind the work and activities of The Missouri Bar. 

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy's mission is to recruit, train, and retain Missouri attorneys who have been admitted for ten years or less for leadership positions in the Missouri Bar. Learn more about nominations and participation.

Write for the Journal of The Missouri Bar

Spread your knowledge about a particular legal topic by writing a scholarly article for The Journal of The Missouri Bar. Published six times a year, the Journal assists members of The Missouri Bar in keeping abreast of changes in legal developments and in meeting their professional obligations.

Pro Bono Resources

Most lawyers feel a profound sense of responsibility to do pro bono work and most find they gain great personal satisfaction from doing so. Check out information and resources to fulfill your professional obligation to render public interested legal services.

Join a Section

In addition to having the opportunity to engage in important activities that can have a direct impact on the laws related to particular substantive areas and Missouri's justice system as a whole, active members of sections also benefit by having the opportunity to interact, network and develop important professional relationships with other lawyers who practice in the same substantive area of law..

Speakers' Bureau

It has never been more important that the public understand how Missouri's court system works and why the third branch of the government must remain a co-equal branch--and not weakened or politicized. If you would like to help the public understand more about Missouri's courts, get involved today.