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Executive Director

The Missouri Bar is a statewide nonprofit legal organization created by the Supreme Court of Missouri which improves the profession, the law and administration of justice on behalf of all Missourians. The Missouri Bar seeks an Executive Director to serve as the chief executive officer, responsible for leading, managing and executing the activities of the state bar and implementing its policies to benefit the organization, the 30,000 licensed Missouri lawyers which it serves, and the people of Missouri.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

The Executive Director is responsible for personnel management, fiscal management, and operations management. The Executive Director works with the bar’s elected leaders to develop policy and strategic direction for the organization as well as ensures the daily activities of the bar are consistent with its strategic direction. The Executive Director also serves as an officer and/or executive director of certain affiliated organizations of The Missouri Bar and interacts with the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government, specialty and local bar associations, and law schools.

The executive director reports to and is responsible to the Board of Governors, while directors report to the executive director. The executive director has regular contact with staff members as well as regular contact with the Supreme Court of Missouri and its staff.

Requirements of Position:

Applicants must be a licensed attorney in good standing who is admitted to The Missouri Bar or who is eligible to become licensed.  Association management experience or a demonstrated record of successful senior management experience required.

Areas of Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Coordinates Board of Governors’, officers’ and affiliated organizations’ meetings, develops agenda and materials, and prepares and/or coordinates preparation of minutes, reports and follow up for the entities.
  • Works with the officers and the Board of Governors to develop policy and strategic direction for the organization and works with staff to implement policy and to execute plans, if any, from the strategic direction. 
  • Participates with leadership in the bar’s ongoing review process of its activities as guided by the strategic plan.
  • Understands the changes affecting the profession and challenges to unified bars and how to position the bar to remain valuable to all Missouri lawyers and the public.
  • Serves as an officer and/or executive director of certain affiliated organizations of the bar, including The Missouri Bar Board of Trustees, the Missouri Bar Foundation and the Missouri Press-Bar Commission.
  • Represents the bar at a national level with peer groups such as NABE, SCBP and other professional groups related to the legal profession.
  • Develops and communicates clear goals.
  • Nurtures professional development and leadership skills in the bar’s management and staff.



  • Supervises and coordinates the function of all activities, programs and services.
  • Ensures effective and efficient day-to-day operations that meet the bar’s goals and objectives.
  • Supervises the election of the officers and Board of Governors representatives and oversees the training, preparation and on-going coaching of in-coming officers and board members.
  • Administers all staff personnel management (approximately 50 employees), which includes recruiting, hiring, training, supervision and termination of directors and staff, and oversees the compensation and benefit program for the organization’s employees.
  • Possesses extensive decision-making skills and the ability to organize and manage collective decision-making processes.
  • Understands the importance of and fosters the bar’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and legal profession.
  • Manages in a way aimed at keeping The Missouri Bar a workplace valued by its staff, providing a culture where staff is supported and consulted.  


Finance and Administration:

  • Supervises fiscal and budgetary matters of the organization and is responsible for management of its assets, ensuring maximum resource utilization and maintaining the bar’s positive financial position.
  • Ensures the fiscal integrity of the bar, including the submission of a proposed annual budget and routine statements which accurately reflect the financial condition of the bar.
  • Is comfortable with leveraging technology, knowledge management and new approaches to enhance existing activities.
  • Maintains and works to continually improve the bar’s positive, healthy, and safe environment in accordance with all policies, legislation and regulation.
  • Identifies and evaluates risks to the bar’s staff, members, volunteers, property, and finances, and ensures measures are in place to control such risks.



  • Has regular contact with elected officers and the Board of Governors, its committees and affiliated organizations. 
  • Maintains relationships within the legal community and key constituents and interfaces with the Supreme Court of Missouri to further the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Manages the effective interaction of the bar with the court system as well as the legislative and executive branches of state government.
  • Maintains consistent and personal contact with the judiciary, national/local/regional bar associations and general Missouri Bar members. 
  • Maintains appropriate relationships with other associations, industry, government, public service organizations, and vendors to enhance the image of the organization and attainment of its objectives.
  • Attends national/regional legal related conferences typically attended by state bar executive directors.



  • Effectively represents and articulates the bar’s mission and goals to internal and external audiences and knows which goals may be effectively delegated.
  • Supervises the development and delivery of various modes of communication to members and the public.
  • Is in the know when it comes to developments affecting the legal profession and/or practice of law, listening for and communicating such issues to leadership and appropriate staff.
  • Continues to develop effective channels of communication and information distribution within the bar.
  • Ensures awareness of member benefits and services through supervision of communications and marketing strategies to target audiences.


Other Helpful Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of leadership and management principles as they relate to nonprofit/volunteer organizations.
  • Knowledge of current challenges and opportunities relating to the mission of the bar.
  • Knowledge of computer applications, social media and leveraging technology for the organization’s activities.
  • Skills in financial management, including budgeting and project management.
  • Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships and teamwork, both internally and externally.
  • Ability to create new opportunities while understanding and anticipating the needs of our members and the public.
  • Ability to encourage and appreciate input and feedback from staff and volunteers in furtherance of the bar’s mission and goals.
  • Ability to positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the bar.
  • Ability to assess situations, determine strategies, set priorities and implement action plans to move the organization forward.
  • Sincere pride in the rule of law, legal profession, and the work of the staff of The Missouri Bar.


Position located in Jefferson City. Travel averages approximately 60-75 nights a year away from home. Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Apply by sending cover letter, resume and salary requirements to Preference given to applications received before Dec. 1, 2019. EOE 


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