Board Minutes

July 15, 2016
Big Cedar Lodge, Branson

Members present:
Erik A. Bergmanis, President
Dana Tippin Cutler, President-Elect
Nancy R. Mogab, Vice-President
Sebrina A. Barrett, Secretary

Bevy A. Beimdiek
Thomas V. Bender
Amy Bender-Levy
Suzanne B. Bradley
W. Perry Brandt
Robert J. Buckley
Rod T. Chapel, Jr.
Hon. Nicole Colbert-Botchway
Morry S. Cole
Mark W. Comley
Hon. Charles Curless
Deborah K. Dodge
J. Brent Dulle
Joel R. Elmer
Genevieve M. Frank
John W. Grimm
Amanda Ketchum
Hon. John F. Kintz
J. B. Lasater
Jennifer E. Matthew
James McConnell
Lauren Tucker McCubbin
Mira Mdivani
Max E. Mitchell
Douglass F. Noland
Jason Paulsmeyer
John E. Price
Jason Rew
Joseph P. Rice, III
Tricia M. Scaglia
Deanna K. Scott
Joan M. Swartz

Hon. W. Douglas Thomson
Raymond E. Williams
Eric J. Wulff

Members present by telephone:
Edward J. Hershewe
Gregg F. Lombardi

Members absent:
James H. Guest
John R. Gunn
Robert S. Kenney
Karen McCarthy
Reuben Shelton

Also present:
Millie Aulbur
Jennifer Gille Bacon
William Bay
Lucas Boling
Gordon Brown
Anne Chambers
Danelle Cord
Doreen Dodson
Farrah Fite
Kent Hopper
Chris Janku
Eric Jennings
Dudley McCarter
Cindy Neagle
Delores Shepherd
Robert Stoeckl
Bill Thompson
Hon. Richard B. Teitelman
Gary Toohey
Dr. Johnnie Washington
Eric Wilson


1.           Minutes:

Mr. Bergmanis called for a motion to accept the minutes. It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes of the Board of Governors meeting of May 5, 2016 and the Executive Committee meetings of May 5 and June 8, 2016. The motion was approved.

2.            Finances:

              A.          Financial Statements

Judge Doug Thomson provided a financial analysis focusing on long-term trends in assets, revenue and expenditures for The Missouri Bar through the anticipated current dues cycle. He reported that it is anticipated that total assets by the end of the year should be approximately $9 million dollars. He provided a review of the actual asset and budget position starting before the 2013 dues increase and projecting through a dues cycle concluding in 2020-21. He noted that the year-end financial position has traditionally been stronger than annually projected due to prudent and efficient use of funds by staff, contingently budgeted areas gone undisbursed as well as conservatively budgeted projections. He provided examples citing approximately $250,000 contingently budgeted per year for public education on the Non-Partisan Court Plan; a four percent inflation rate used for budget projections; conservative Pro Hac Vice fee revenue projections and gaps in staff salary and benefit expenditures as part of employee transitions. Judge Thomson provided projections based on best practice estimates for the next several years, noting that revenue, mainly from the bar fee, remains relatively constant. Expenses are based on a percent increase allowing for inflation with no new projects included, and with no cost savings factored in from the contingent and other conservatively budgeted items as outlined above. He reported that under this analysis, it is projected that the current year (2016) finds projections at the highest point in the dues cycle and over the next several years total assets will begin to decrease, which is a normal part of the bar fee cycle. He noted that The Missouri Bar Fiscal Policy requires that when the financial status indicates six months of liquid assets based on the budget, a bar fee increase will be considered. He reported that this point is anticipated to occur under the current projections in 2019, noting that this timing may vary based on actual expense variations as described previously and may extend out to 2020-21. He further noted that the fee also includes fees for OCDC and other funding that is not within the control of The Missouri Bar.

He concluded by reporting that current investments are at approximately $7.75 million and expected to go up to $8 million as authorized at this time.

               B.          Missouri Bar Audit for 2015

Judge Thomson reported that the annual audit has been completed and that the auditor’s opinion letter has been received and is included in the meeting material. He reported the auditor’s opinion reflects that without condition the financial accounting fairly represents the financial status of the Bar in all material respects for the years ending December 31, 2015 and 2014.

3.            Appointments:

Ms. Tricia Scaglia reported that appointments will be deferred to the September meeting of the Board of Governors.

4.           Report of the Supreme Court Advisory Committee:

Ms. Jennifer Gille Bacon gave a brief recap of the Supreme Court Advisory Committee’s review of the ABA’s 20/20 initiative, which had focused on changes in the profession related to technology, the increased movement of lawyers among and between firms and conflict issues resulting from that movement and from globalization. She noted that she and Ms. Doreen Dodson reported to this body in May on the recommendations approved by the Supreme Court Advisory Committee and submitted to the Supreme Court of Missouri. She noted that the Board was asked at that time to review the approved report and provide comments at this summer meeting. She reported that any comments received would be forwarded on to the Supreme Court of Missouri for their consideration. Ms. Doreen Dodson and Mr. Sam Phillips took questions from the Board, which included a query as to whether written comments are still being accepted; clarification as to the obligation to search for metadata under the ABA Model Rules and whether a public defender’s relationship with other attorneys would be governed by the rules.

Ms. Dodson noted that her term and the term of Ms. Bacon on the Supreme Court Advisory Committee have expired and commended Ms. Bacon for her years of leadership as chair of the committee.

5.           United States Supreme Court Vacancy:

Mr. Bergmanis reported about a request signed by various Bar members and submitted by Mr. Hugh O’Donnell that The Missouri Bar, through its President, write a letter to Senator Charles Grassley, Chair of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, requesting that he hold hearings and consider President Obama’s nominee to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States. Mr. Bergmanis further reported that the Executive Committee has considered this request and recommends that The Missouri Bar take no position, based on The Missouri Bar’s status as an integrated bar and the likelihood that this issue was one as to which substantial constituencies of the bar may in good faith differ. He reported that research by the Bar’s Government Relations Counsel Eric Jennings indicates that no integrated bar has weighed in on this issue and that it is unlikely that such an expression from The Missouri Bar would have any influence on future Senate action. He reported that the Executive Committee recommends not approving the request and informing Mr. O’Donnell about the Board’s decision and the rationale behind it. It was moved and seconded to approve the Executive Committee’s recommendation. The motion was approved. The following members of the Board of Governors voted “no” to the motion and requested that their votes be recorded: Nancy Mogab, Joel Elmer, Bevy Beimdiek, Eric Wulff and Rod Chapel.

6.           Legislation:

              A.          2016 Bar-Drafted Legislation

Mr. Eric Wilson reported that 10 of the 12 bar-drafted measures introduced in the 2016 legislative session were approved and have been signed by the governor in various bills: 

Missouri Commercial Receivership Act (2016-01)
Preparation of Property Descriptions (2016-02)
Trust Modification After Settlor’s Death (2016-03)
Judicial Discretion to Remove/Replace Trustees (2016-04)
Applicability of Uniform Principal and Income Act On or After August 28, 2001 (2016-05)
Clarification of Virtual Representation (2016-06)
Uniform Powers of Appointment Act (2016-07)
Standing to Bring Claim and Standard of Liability Under Power of Attorney Statute (2016-08)
Clarification of Time Limits for Applying for Letters Testamentary and Wills Presented for Probate (2016-09)
Orders of Expungement (2016-11)
He thanked Ms. Tricia Scaglia and Mr. Ray Williams for their assistance working on the passage of legislation throughout the session.

              B.          Other Bills of Interest

Mr. Eric Jennings noted that during the 2016 legislative session, the Executive Committee reviewed approximately 187 bills that were not bar-drafted bills and took positions of “support” or “support concept” on approximately 46 bills. Mr. Jennings reported that one of those bills was HB 2332, a measure finalizing parts of the Revised Criminal Code, which the governor has signed. He also noted that the governor had signed SB 590, which modified provisions relating to first degree murder to comply with Miller v. Alabama and other Supreme Court precedent. Because the governor signed several bills just prior to the constitutional deadline, a full report would be provided in next week’s legislative update. In addition, Mr. Jennings reported that the governor had vetoed two bills on which the Board had voted to take no position: SB 591, relating to the admission of expert witness testimony, and SB 847, relating to the collateral source rule. He noted that neither bill had received sufficient votes when originally passed to indicate enough support for an override during the September veto session.

              C.          2017 Committee-Drafted Legislation

Mr. Eric Wilson provided a list of the bar-drafted legislation upon which the Board of Governors will be asked to take action at the Annual Meeting. He reported that the measures are included in the Board packet. He noted that the bills proposed for the 2017 legislative session are:

Designated Health Care Decision-Maker Act  (2017-01)
Trust Protector Act (2017-02)
Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RFADAA) (2017-03)
Orders of Protection – Animals (2017-04)
Witnessing of Wills (2017-05)
Qualified Spousal Trusts – Exemption from Attachment (2017-06)
Guardianship – Chapter 475 Revision & Reorganization (2017-07)
Mr. Bergmanis reported that the Executive Committee discussed the legislative proposals submitted by the Probate & Trust Division (2017-02, 2017-03, 2017-06, and 2017-07), including objections received from Division members about one proposal.  These members asserted that the vote at the Spring Committee Meeting on the proposed revisions to the Guardianship Code, Chapter 475 of the Revised Statutes (2017-07) was not valid because proper written notice that a vote would occur had not been given prior to the meeting.  Mr. Bergmanis further reported that the Executive Committee recommends that the Board request an electronic vote by Division members on the proposal prior to the Annual Meeting in September, when this measure will be before the Board of Governors for action. He noted that the Executive Committee also recommends that the measure be circulated to other interested committees for their comments and suggestions, but not for a vote.

It was moved and seconded that:

(1) Legislative proposal 2017-05 (Witnessing of Wills) be sent to the Family Law Section and Juvenile Law Committee for comment;

(2) Legislative proposal 2017-07 (Guardianship – Chapter 475 Revision & Reorganization) be sent (at a minimum) to the Family Section, the Juvenile Law Committee, and the Judicial Administration Committee for comment, in the form submitted to the Board—the Dec. 15, 2015, master draft available on the website of Missouri’s Working Interdisciplinary Network of Guardianship Stakeholders (MO-WINGS); and

(3) Notice and opportunity to vote electronically on legislative proposal 2017-07 be provided to the members of the Probate and Trust Division.

The motion was approved. 

Mr. Eric Wilson clarified that, under the procedures outlined in the Policy Statement Regarding Legislative Procedures, the Government Relations Department circulates bar-drafted legislation to the chairs of all Missouri Bar committees, leaving it to the discretion of each chair whether he or she distributes the proposed legislation to committee members personally or directs Government Relations Counsel to do so on behalf of the chair. In this instance, Mr. Wilson indicated that the Government Relations Department would distribute legislative proposal 2017-07 to the chairs of all committees in the regular course of the legislative review process. 

It was also moved and seconded that legislative proposal 2017-04 (Orders of Protection – Animals), submitted by the Animal Law Committee, be sent out for comment to the Family Law Section, the Juvenile Law Committee and to Estate Planning and Probate Administration Committee. The motion was approved. 

Further discussion focused on whether it would be worthwhile for the Board’s Committee/Division Assessment Committee to review and clarify proper notice for a committee vote or, in the alternative, if Government Relations should draft language that clarifies the notice issue. Mr. Jennings reported that the Legislative Matters section of the Committee Officers’ Manual clearly outlines the notice requirement and stated that he would draft a memo sharing this section for circulation to the Board of Governors and all committee chairs. It was also suggested that the Government Relations Department reach out to all committee chairs, in the form of written communication and/or the orientation process, to review the legislative review process with respect to bar-drafted legislation, including issues of scope, in order to avoid future misunderstandings.

             D.          FY 2017 Budget Restrictions

Mr. Eric Jennings reported on the budget expenditure restrictions (“withholds”) announced by Governor Nixon on July 6, 2016.  The actions taken by the governor were summarized in a supplemental memorandum to Board members (labeled FY 2017 Budget Restrictions), which also described restricted line items identified as within the legislative scope of The Missouri Bar and outlined potential actions available to the Board of Governors. Mr. Jennings listed six line items: 

Section 12.300, annual meeting of the Judicial Conference ($146,000);
Section 12.306, production and distribution of a Judicial Weighted Workload Report ($100,000);
Section 12.330, Drug Courts – medication assisted treatment program ($750,000)
Section 12.400, Public Defender – conflict case management
Section 12.520, general republication of the Revised Statutes of Missouri ($450,000), which is constitutionally required every 10 years and last completed in 2000.
Section 12.320, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) funding ($200,000)
He noted that the Executive Committee had identified the sixth line item as one it considered to be in scope and added to the list.  Mr. Jennings also clarified that the Drug Court line item was specifically for medication assisted treatment programs, not for overall expansion of drug courts.  Furthermore, it had been added in the Senate version of the budget, but had not been included in the original budget submitted by the Judiciary or the House version of the budget.  Given the very specific nature of this line item, it might not be appropriate to include it in the list for action, despite potentially being within legislative scope. 

Mr. Bergmanis reported that the Executive Committee approved a recommendation to the Board of Governors that it find the subject matter of the five line items in scope and communicate to the General Assembly and the governor the support of The Missouri Bar for timely release of the funds, based on the Bar’s past support for adequate funding of the justice system.  He also reported the Executive Committee’s recommendation that the drug court line item be excluded from the list and that the CASA funding be included in its place. 

In addition, he reported that the Executive Committee includes in its recommendation authorization for Government Relations Counsel to take appropriate actions to express the position of The Missouri Bar Board of Governors in communications with members of the General Assembly.  It was moved and seconded to approve the recommendations of the Executive Committee. The motion was approved.

7.        Committee Reports:

              A.          Client Security Fund Committee:

Mr. Chris Janku reported that the balance of the Client Security Fund as of May 31, 2016 was $449,694.70. He reported that the Client Security Fund Committee met on June 16 and requests authorization for the payment of four claims for a total of $8,054. He reported that three payments are for less than $2,500 as provided in Article 2.10 of the Regulations and Rules of Procedure for the Client Security Fund and that one claim for the payment of $5,700 was deferred from 2015 and is submitted pursuant to previous Board authorization to submit the deferred claims from 2015 prior to the November 2016 meeting of the Board of Governors. He reported that the Committee also recommends the denial of five claims and the deferral of four claims. It was moved and seconded to approve the recommendations of the Client Security Fund Committee as stated. The motion was approved.

              B.          Leadership Academy

Each individual member of the 2015-16 Leadership Academy present at this meeting reported their two-year commitment to the Bar, commencing at the conclusion of their term as a member of the Leadership Academy. Mr. Damien de Loyola provided a report regarding the group’s annual project, which involves developing a 12-week social media campaign directed to newly admitted lawyers, providing both practice resources specifically related to the needs of new attorneys and information to help new attorneys understand more about The Missouri Bar and the benefit of becoming involved with the state bar. He noted the campaign will utilize a variety of social media platforms including blog posts, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. He expressed thanks on behalf of the members of the Leadership Academy to Cindy Neagle and Farrah Fite for their assistance in developing the project.

              C.          Board of Governors' Committees

Ms. Dana Tippin Cutler reported that the four Board Committees – Strategic Planning, Resources, Committee/Division Assessment and Appointments – were approved on a pilot basis last year. Ms. Tippin Cutler requested that the Board approve continuing this pilot for one more year and that the Board vote on whether to make these permanent Board committees at the 2017 summer meeting of the Board of Governors. It was moved and seconded to approve the request as stated. The motion was approved.

              D.          Report of the Joint Task Force on the Future of the Profession

Mr. Bill Bay, co-chair of the Supreme Court of Missouri/Missouri Bar Joint Task Force on the Future of the Profession, provided a review of the work of the Task Force, the composition of its members and leadership and the disposition of the final report. He noted that a final draft of the report had been provided to the Board of Governors for review at its meeting in May. He noted that no substantive changes have been made since that time and none is expected before the final version is ready for general distribution in September. He explained that the report is intended to be the start of a process of continuing reassessment in light of ongoing rapid change that the bar and Court will need to continually reassess and respond to changes as necessary. He further explained that the Task Force is not asking that the Board of Governors adopt the final report, but instead to accept the report. He noted that it is the Task Force’s position that it is up to the Court and Missouri Bar to decide whether the results and/or recommendations in the final report are worthy of future action. Mr. Bergmanis reported that the Executive Committee recommends that the Board of Governors accept the report and refer it on to the Board’s Strategic Planning Committee. It was moved and seconded to approve the Executive Committee’s recommendation as stated. The motion was approved.

8.        Officers' Reports:

              A.          President's Report

Mr. Bergmanis reported that he attended the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis’ Bench and Bar Conference, the Solo and Small Firm Conference, the National Association of Legal Secretaries meeting and plans to attend the American Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in San Francisco this August. He further reported that efforts are underway for The Missouri Bar’s Annual Meeting at Lake of the Ozarks in September. He noted that efforts are also underway to host the Southern Conference of Bar Presidents in October. He reported that The Missouri Bar is host of this conference once every 17 years and noted that this is a very good opportunity to showcase Missouri to the bar associations within the conference as well as to key parties within the ABA. He requested assistance from Board members in identifying sponsors for the conference.

Mr. Bergmanis concluded by expressing his satisfaction with the legislative session and recognized the positive results from the work by the Board in establishing and maintaining strong relationships with members of the Missouri Legislature.

Theodore McMillian Judicial Excellence Award - Mr. Bergmanis reported that the Executive Committee reviewed the recommendations for this year’s Theodore McMillian Judicial Excellence Award and reported that Supreme Court of Missouri Judge Mary Russell has been selected as this year’s recipient.

              B.          President-Elect's Report

Ms. Dana Tippin Cutler reported that she had spent some time at The Missouri Bar headquarters working on some foundational issues for 2016-17. She reported that the Strategic Planning Committee is moving forward with a Request for Proposals (RFP) soliciting bids for professional expertise to assist in a strategic planning review and development process. She further reported that the technology audit is complete, noting that this audit revealed some significant weaknesses in relation to IT resources. She noted that the Bar’s ability to move forward with future initiatives and activities to benefit members will depend on a strong IT infrastructure and the audit results will allow the Board to better identify and budget to address areas that require attention, including supplementing IT staffing. She further reported on plans to create and fill a new Legal & Community Services Coordinator staff position, which will allow for the many community outreach programs of The Missouri Bar to be consolidated under one area, rather than dispersed as additional responsibilities among directors. She noted that this position will replace the Lawyer Referral Service Coordinator position which is currently unfilled and expand those duties in a way that will improve the focus and delivery of services to community-related programs. Ms. Tippin Cutler reported that work is continuing on putting an Executive Director annual evaluation process in place. She noted that members of the Board of Governors can expect to receive a brief evaluation survey by mid-August with the goal of having the evaluation ready by the Annual Meeting in September. She encouraged full participation by members of the Board so as to ensure a fair and complete evaluation.

Ms. Tippin Cutler reviewed the CLE by the Sea educational conference planned for January, noting that the conference will be self-supporting with 50 attendees and is designed to give membership an opportunity to attend a winter conference in a warm venue. She encouraged members of the Board to attend and to encourage others to attend.

              C.          Vice-President's Report

Ms. Nancy Mogab reported that she will be attending the National Bar Association Conference being held in St. Louis as well as the South Asian Bar Association’s Luncheon as part of her ongoing outreach within the legal community.

She reported that the Mini Law School has begun doing podcasts of each lecture and posting these on The Missouri Bar’s public website. She noted that Farrah Fite has reported that they are getting a strong number of hits and that these podcasts serve as a way to extend the Mini Law School reach beyond those who actually attend the sessions. She noted that plans are to expand to video broadcasting of the lectures. She further reported that the venue for the Mini Law School will be moved from the SLU law school to Clayton, recognizing Board member Gen Frank’s assistance in identifying a new venue. She indicated that the Mini Law School in Mid-Missouri moves between Columbia and Jefferson City and a Mini Law School is held in southwest Missouri by the Springfield Metropolitan Bar and is very well attended. She noted that Board members Joe Rice and John Grimm are working to hold a Mini Law School in the Cape Girardeau area and she thanked the members of the Board who participate on the planning committees and in the programming and noted that a member of our Citizens Advisory Council, Gordon Brown, is a regular attendee.

Ms. Mogab commented on the value of being a member of the Southern Conference of Bar Presidents, noting the importance of ongoing relationships with leaders of other state bar associations where information can be exchanged regarding common issues and challenges

              D.          Treasurer's Report

Mr. Bill Thompson reported that the Supreme Court is set to conduct the Board elections next week and will conduct the elections electronically for the first time, noting that there are seven contested elections. He further noted that the use of electronic elections should reduce costs, eliminating the requirement of mailing ballots and simplifying the tallying process.

He further reported that the Supreme Court of Missouri has been working on municipal division matters, including issuing rule changes, reminding presiding judges of their obligation to monitor the divisions and establishing a committee, chaired by Judge DeMarce, to focus on the municipal courts. He reported that the Court and the new committee welcome any observations and comments from members of the bar related to the municipal division.

He reported that Legislative Counsel/Deputy Clerk Betsy Aubuchon has been appointed to succeed him as Clerk of the Supreme Court when he retires at the end of the year. He also reported that Leslie Korte will succeed Ms. Aubuchon as Legislative Counsel and the Court has hired a new General Counsel, Jeremiah Morgan.

              E.          Executive Director's Report

                              (1)         Media Articles

Ms. Sebrina Barrett called attention to the media articles and analytics in the meeting packet, noting that there was a recent request from someone in Canada to use our juror appreciation week material for a program in Russia, indicating the reach of our communication.

                              (2)         Print Shop

Ms. Barrett reported that as the final stages of transitioning the print shop drew near, discussions were initiated with The Board of Trustees of The Missouri Bar to determine whether they would entertain a proposal to convert the print shop into needed office space for the use of The Missouri Bar. She reported that in October of 2015, the Trustees met and voted to allocate $5,000 to study the best option with respect to the print shop building. She further reported that after meeting with consultants recommended by the Trustees, it became clear that the best option would be to remodel the print shop to create additional office and conference/document assembly space to support reasonably foreseeable future staff and work space needs of The Missouri Bar. Ms. Barrett further reported that the Trustees at a meeting held in June of 2016 decided no further study was needed and approved a motion to move forward to secure proposals and bids from contractors to remodel the print shop to add office space, subject to the endorsement of The Missouri Bar Board of Governors and that any such proposal selected would also be provided to the Board for endorsement before moving forward with the project. It was moved and seconded to endorse the action of The Board of Trustees of The Missouri Bar to solicit contractor proposals and bids to remodel the print shop as approved during their meeting in June. The motion was approved.

                              (3)         Board of Governors Election

Ms. Barrett commented on the large number of contested elections for the Board of Governors and outlined the timing and procedure for the election process, noting that the electronic ballots will be sent on July 20 and voting will end on August 15. She noted that once the results are certified she traditionally notifies by telephone everyone running in an election as to the results. She reported that after this notification, the results will be distributed by email to the Board of Governors and a special edition of ESQ will be sent to the membership. She noted that a Frequently Asked Question section will be added to the website to ensure that those voting have resources at hand if they have difficulty, especially with confusion about the use of password and pin to access the ballot. She noted that assistance will also be available as always for those who call with questions.

9.        Citizens Advisory Task Force:

Mr. Gordon Brown reported on his interaction with veterans groups and inquiries related to where The Missouri Bar may be able to assist this community. Mr. Brown also praised the Mini Law School effort, reporting that he has attended the programs since 2014 and endorsed the continuation of this program as well as its expansion as a way to educate private citizens about the justice system.

Dr. Johnny Washington advised that there are opportunities for The Missouri Bar to reach out to the public through the library system, both public and also in colleges and universities. He reported that he has had discussions with administrators at MSU and the Springfield-Greene County Public Library and both indicated a willingness to display literature and resources produced for the public by The Missouri Bar. He also reported that the Council of Churches of the Ozarks indicated a willingness to include Missouri Bar information in its newsletter. He noted that discussions with education colleagues indicated that information regarding the municipal court system would be beneficial.

Mr. Bergmanis thanked Mr. Brown and Dr. Washington for their service to the Bar as members of the Citizens Advisory Task Force.

10.        Candidates' Forum:

Mr. Ray Williams asked members of the Board of Governors to support his candidacy for the office of Vice-President when this action comes before the Board of Governors in September. He briefly described his belief that The Missouri Bar has a unique opportunity to play a leading role in the future of the state. Noting the divisive climate within our state and affirming the historical tradition of society to turn to lawyers to maintain and guide citizens and institutions in following the rule of law, he explained that lawyers are well positioned to lead by example and that The Missouri Bar can facilitate this role by providing programs and service to enhance a lawyer’s practice, expertise and inspire professionalism; show how partisan views can be discussed in a principled manner; continue to provided expert commentary to lawmakers; encourage lawyers to seek elected office at all levels within the state; continue to engage citizens through civic education and to educate on the principles surrounding the rule of law; close the justice gap so all citizens have meaningful access to the courts and clearly illustrate the value of lawyers to citizens and society.

11.        Board of Governors’ Election – Eastern District Diversity Seat:

Mr. Bergmanis reported that the members of the Board of Governors from the Eastern District held a brief caucus to consider the candidates who have filed for the diversity seat and have found both candidates to be qualified and acceptable for placement on the ballot. He noted that this election will be held electronically and follow the same timing as the Board of Governors district elections.

12.        Other Business:

Mr. Bergmanis recognized Supreme Court Judge Richard B. Teitelman and Mr. Dudley McCarter, past president of The Missouri Bar, who were in attendance at the meeting.

Erik Bergmanis called for a motion to move the Board of Governors meeting into executive session to hear reports on litigation matters. A motion was made and seconded to go into executive session. The motion was approved.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Sebrina A. Barrett, Secretary