New Pin Numbers

New PIN included on 2022 Missouri Bar cards

Missouri lawyers will see a new PIN on their 2022 Missouri Bar cards. The new PIN takes effect Feb. 1, 2022, and was issued as part of security best practices to help The Missouri Bar even better protect your private information.

The PIN is a unique series of numbers which appears in addition to a member’s bar number on their bar card. The PIN is auto-generated so that its uniqueness can be guaranteed. A new auto-generated PIN will be issued to a member only in the event that their current PIN has been compromised. 

A lawyer’s PIN is used only in the following ways:

  • To verify identity when a lawyer creates an e-filing account.
  • To vote in Missouri Bar Board of Governors elections.
  • To vote in Judicial Commission elections.
  • To verify identity of a lawyer who calls to reset their password.

Please note that the PIN on a lawyer’s 2021 bar card remains valid through Jan. 31, 2022, and should continue to be used for the above listed purposes until that time.

Annual  Attorney Enrollment Process
Lawyers licensed in Missouri receive their annual attorney enrollment forms from the Supreme Court of Missouri in late November. Lawyers can complete the paper form and return it to the clerk of the court with a check for their amount owed for enrollment fees for the coming year. Lawyers also have the option of signing in at to complete their annual enrollment form online and pay via echeck or credit card. Once a form is submitted, and a lawyers’ enrollment fees have been paid, a new bar card for the coming year is mailed. While the enrollment process remains the same, Missouri lawyers should note their bar card for 2022 includes a new PIN.