Michael R. Roser Excellence in Bankruptcy Award

Michael R. RoserThe Missouri Bar’s former Commercial Law Committee (now the Financial Services & Insolvency Law Committee) has established an annual award to honor the memory of Michael R. Roser, a prominent Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer. The Michael R. Roser Excellence in Bankruptcy Award is presented to an individual who manifests the highest standard of excellence in bankruptcy practice, who has contributed distinctively to the development and appreciation of bankruptcy law, and/or who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of bankruptcy administration or practice.

You may use our online form to make a nomination (available May 1 - July 1).

Nomination criteria should include:

  • Demonstrated excellence in bankruptcy practice;
  • Contribution to the development and appreciation of bankruptcy law; and/or
  • Outstanding contribution in the field of bankruptcy administration or practice.

2023 Award Recipient — Michael Becker

Michael Becker earned his law degree from Saint Louis University School of Law. He said his first foray into bankruptcy law was on Christmas Eve in 1987 when he was commissioned to deliver 52 boxes containing the Apex Oil bankruptcy filing to the Clerk of the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. Since then, Becker has represented various individuals and entities, including bankruptcy trustees, in every aspect of Chapters 7, 11, and 13, and served as receiver in numerous state court proceedings.

Becker’s service to the bankruptcy system goes beyond representation of individual parties in bankruptcy proceedings. Becker has also made substantial, award-winning commitments to pro bono legal services, as well as to the mentorship of law students studying bankruptcy law. He was a member of a committee that created a pilot program for pro bono bankruptcy services in the Eastern District of Missouri. Becker represented numerous individuals pro bono before the bankruptcy court. He has also devoted substantial time to preparing the coming generation of bankruptcy lawyers by spearheading a bankruptcy law clinic at Saint Louis University School of Law. In the clinic, Becker oversees 2Ls and 3Ls as student attorneys representing indigent clients before the bankruptcy court.

Recipients of Award

2023 — Michael A. Becker, St. Louis
2022 — Erlene W. Krigel, Kansas City 
2021 — Lee J. Viorel, Springfield 
2020 — Gary D. Barnes, Kansas City 
2019 — Eric L. Johnson, Kansas City 
2018 — Abigail Willie, St. Louis 
2017 — Mary G. Stingley, Kansas City (posthumously) 
2016 — Leonora S. Long, St. Louis 
2015 — Vicki Dempsey, Hannibal 
2014 — Wendell J. Sherk, St. Louis 
2013 — Sherri Wattenbarger, Kansas City 
2012 — John C. Reed, Jefferson City 
2011 — Mark V. Bossi, St. Louis 
2010 — Kathryn B. Bussing, Kansas City 
2009 — Rice “Pete” Burns, Sikeston 
2008 — Diana S. Daugherty, St. Louis 
2007 — Laurence M. Frazen, Kansas City 
2006 — Carol Chazen Friedman, St. Louis 
2005 — Steven N. Cousins, St. Louis 
2004 — Robert J. Blackwell, St. Louis 
2003 — Mendel Small, Kansas City 
2002 — Cynthia F. Grimes, Lenexa, KS 
2001 — Francis X. Buckley, Jr., St. Louis 
2000 — Mark A. Shaiken, Kansas City 
1999 — Paul H. Berens, Cape Girardeau 
1998 — Jerry W. Venters, Jefferson City 
1997 — Timothy Mullin, St. Louis 
1996 — Joel Pelofsky, Kansas City 
1995 — David A. Lander, St. Louis 
1994 — Paul E. Berman, Kansas City