Film Highlights How Lawyers Can Address Depression and Suicide

Lawyers are consistently near or at the top of the list of professions with the highest suicide rates. After cancer and heart disease, suicide is the third most common cause of death among lawyers. Research indicates lawyers are also the "most depressed" of 105 surveyed professions. Despite these facts, few lawyers are educated about depression and suicide prevention.

“Just Ask: How We Must Stop Minding Our Own Business in the Legal World” is a film created to provide the legal profession with essential information about how to get help for oneself, colleagues, or family members. The film includes personal stories from lawyers on how suicide and depression touched their lives and provides concrete ways to help colleagues or loved ones who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts. The movie also touches on the importance of having a conversation with a person of concern, overviews resources, and emphasizes the importance of getting help.

The film was published by Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania and the Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program as part of a national campaign to raise awareness about mental health issues within the legal profession.