The Missouri Press-Bar Commission

The Missouri Bar created the Missouri Press-Bar Commission to foster better communications between the media and the bench and bar. Established in 1972, the commission is composed of media professionals, lawyers and judges who traditionally meet twice each year to develop a variety of projects and programs to promote a better informed citizenry and strong First and Sixth Amendments. Past projects include seminars on Missouri's Sunshine Law, the News Reporter's Handbook on Law and the Courts  and the News Reporter's Legal Glossary.

 Appointment Vacancies

The mission of the Missouri Press-Bar Commission is: 

  • to encourage cooperation between the press, the bar and the bench to the end of further strengthening service to the First Amendment and the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States throughout Missouri; 
  • to provide leadership and guidance aimed at achieving a better informed citizenry that will be serviced by a still higher order of justice; 
  • to take whatever steps are necessary throughout an educational program for the press, the bar, the bench and the people of Missouri to promote a better informed citizenry and a strong First and Sixth Amendment.

Commission Members

Hon. Robert M. Clayton, II
John Patrick DeMoor
John P. DeMoor
Theresa L F Levings