Sample Fee Agreements

Includes sample flat fee, hourly fee and contingency fee contracts.

Sample Fee Agreements - PDF


Fee Dispute Resolution Program

This program is offered as a public service by The Missouri Bar. The program is designed to assist clients who question the amount or reasonableness of a fee charged by their lawyer for legal services. While only clients may file the complaint petition with the program, lawyers may suggest this program to their clients as an alternative to resolve disputes over fees. Participation in the program is voluntary.

Fee Dispute Resolution Program


Get Paid by Offering Your Clients the Option to Pay by Credit Card

LawPay Credit Card Processing: Credit Card Processing for Attorneys. Trust your transactions to the only payment solution suggested by more than 50 bar associations. Correctly safeguard and separate client funds into trust and operating accounts. Funds are never commingled. The ability to accept credit cards attracts clients, improves cash flow and reduces collections.


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