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Client Relations

It is All About Communication
Plain English vs. Legalese  

Disaster Preparedness

Help Choosing Your Remote Backup  


Free PDF of the Federal Rules of Evidence 2010  


Need a Spam Filter?
Who's Been Viewing Your Gmail
How to Permanently Delete Outlook Email Messages Quickly and Easily
Printing a List of E-mails in Outlook
Gmail & Outlook Tips
Don't Miss That Important Microsoft Outlook Email!  


Law Practice Magazine Legal Malpractice Risks Issue - July/August 2010  


When to Pay
Value Decisions
When Do You Send Out Your Bills?

Forms of Practice

Before You Contract  

Law Office Management

Documentation Retention Policy Resources
What to Keep in Employee Files
What is a PMA?
Keeping Track of Requests in a Folder Called @Waiting For
How to Report Fraudulent Spam  


Make the News: Help a Report Out!
Build Your Own Website

Practice of Law

Planning Ahead
In Order to Succeed

Quality of Life

Go Out to Lunch or Not
Positive Turn Offs
2/3's Rule and Slaw  


Valuable Articles from the ABA LPM Section's Solo Resource Center


Secure Your Passwords
Do You Know All the Passwords
Fraud Alert - Family Law Practitioners
Protect Your Email Address   
Add a Privacy Filter to Your Laptop

Smart Phones/Tablets

iPhones, Attorneys, Applications & Blog
DY undRst& dis msg?
Cell Phone Data Recovery
iPhone J.D.
iPhone vs. Droid Conparison
the iPad Show
Wireless Keyboards for Smart Phones
DOH! Defined
60 iApps in 60 Minutes - Applications for iPhones and iPads
Save That Thought!
Adobe Reader for Mobile Devices
NOLO’s Plain English Law Dictionary
iPhones and iOS5 Upgrades  
Web Conference Using Your Smart Phone  
Smart Phone Dictation

Social Media

Guidelines for Twittering Attorneys
Facebook Settings You Need to Check Now
Secure Your Facebook Profile  

Technology - Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat Typewriter Tool for Filing Forms
Read Out Loud  
Great Free Adobe Acrobat Resources  
Quickly Reduce PDF File Size  
Acrobat and Microsoft Office 2010 Compatibility  

Technology - Hardware

Livescribe Smart Pen
MILO - Mac User Group
VuPoint Magic Wand&trade Portable Scanner
ioSafe Disaster Proof Hard Drive
Shop for Tech Gadgets at Bed Bath and Beyond
Printing from iphone/ipad - Printopia
Save Time Printing Labels & Postage

Technology - Internet

Find your Favorites Faster
iGoogle You Google
Change Your Home Page
Check for Plagiarism
Visit Your Clients
The Oyez Project
ScanSnap Community
Tools and Applications for Bloggers  
Internet Explorer - Using Print Preview to Avoid Printing Unnecessary Pages

Technology - MS Word or WordPerfect

Want Reveal Codes in Word?

Keeping Text Together
Word Tip - Four Quick Ways to Easily Select the Text of an Entire Document
Free Help for Users of WordPerfect or Microsoft Office Products
Transitioning to Office 2010  
Comparing Two Documents in Word

Technology - Software/Applications

Free Data Recovery Tools
Eliminate the Appearance of Error-Reporting Windows   
Mind Mapping Solutions
SnagIt for Screen Capture!
"Holy Credenza, Batman"
Create a Photo Book Using Blurb
Information Overload Help
Using Multiple Outlook Windows
Excel - Use the Text Functions
Disk Imaging Software
Online File Sync Services  
Sticky State of Mind  
Clio Has Improved Calendar Functions!
Note That!
Practice Management Software Applications

Technology - Windows/Desktop

Create Uniform Icons
Changing Your Windows View
Favorite Windows Key Shortcuts
Quick Switch
Five Easy-to-Remember Keyboard Shortcuts

Time Management

Time Management - Who Has Time for It?