Information for Accredited Sponsors

Sponsor Account:  All program sponsors, including those with accredited status, must create a Sponsor account prior to applying for online program accreditation. Once a Sponsor account and password has been generated, the sponsor will used it to sign in each time the sponsor accesses the system and applies online for program accreditation. Programs will be tied to a Sponsor account to allow for search functionality. 

Programs Previously Submitted:  Programs previously submitted to The Missouri Bar’s MCLE department have been uploaded into the new online reporting system to allow lawyers to report attendance. Once an accredited sponsor has created a Sponsor account, the MCLE department will input data tying previously submitted programs to the appropriate accredited sponsor. Please periodically review the previously accredited programs, which can be found on each sponsor program page, to ensure that all accredited programs have been inputted.

Temporary Review for Approval of Programs:  Due to uncertainty surrounding the programming content necessary for qualification as elimination of bias credit, as well as changes to the online reporting system, The Missouri Bar’s MCLE Department is temporarily reviewing all programming, including those from accredited sponsors, for approval. Following creation of a Sponsor account, accredited sponsors will input each program into the online system, which will immediately be submitted for review and approval. Sponsors will receive an email notification containing the hours for which the program has been approved. If practicable, the MCLE Department will attempt to provide explanation or guidance if the hours requested do not match the hours approved.

Timely Submission of Programs and Annual Report:  Regulation 15.04.4(a) provides that an accredited sponsor shall file a report with The Missouri Bar on an annual basis by July 31 of each year listing all accredited programs conducted by the sponsor during the preceding year. Please note that in order for an attendee to search for and report a program from an accredited sponsor, the sponsor must have entered the program into the online system. If an accredited sponsor waits until July 31 to enter all accredited programs into the system, attendees will be required to independently apply for accreditation of the program in order to be able to report attendance. Accredited sponsors will save attendees time and effort by submitting programs for application as they occur throughout the year.

Upcoming Improvements:  On each sponsor program page, sponsors can see a table of pending, approved and denied programs. There is also an export function, allowing sponsors to export tables of programming. For this reporting year, we will use the export function to complete annual reports for accredited sponsors. Going forward, however, we plan to automate this process for maximum convenience and allow accredited sponsors to file online annual reports.  

For accredited sponsors who provide a large volume of programs, we are also in the process of developing an upload function that will permit batch uploading of programs. We will keep you informed as these improvements become available.