Evaluation Criteria

The Journal’s Board of Editors uses this set of criteria to review each submitted article before it goes to print.


  • In its current state, is the article original, concise, and readable?
  • if needed, could staff easily rewrite or reformat the piece, or edit it for grammar and style?
  • Are there issues with the endnotes that should be addressed before publication?
  • Does the author need to make substantive revisions, including additional details or clarification, before publication?


  • Does the article address subjects related to the purposes of The Missouri Bar, including the profession of law, the improvement of the law, the integrity of the judiciary, or the administration of justice?
  • Is the subject one of general interest to the legal profession, and could publication of an article relating to it help lawyers even better serve their clients?
  • If the subject is not one of general interest, is it still one of significant enough interest to the legal profession to warrant publication of an article?
  • Without researching the points covered in the article, does it appear to be substantially accurate?
  • Does the article involve subject matter that is or may be factional, partisan, narrow in interest, or something as to which substantial constituencies of The Missouri Bar might in good faith differ?
  • Does the article involve subject matter that is time sensitive and warrants expedited publication?

With these considerations in mind, should this article be published in the Journal of The Missouri Bar?

If there are concerns listed above, does the article have the potential to be published after revisions from the author? Please elaborate as needed. 

(revised Feb. 2022)