Media Law Handbook


The Media Law Committee of The Missouri Bar offers this edition of this Media Law Handbook as a guide for journalists, lawyers, and others interested in Missouri media law. In particular, we hope that these articles will assist media professionals who desire guidance beyond the legal basics contained in the venerable News Reporter’s Handbook on Law and Courts published by the Missouri Press-Bar Commission. The disclaimers we offered for the first two editions of this handbook still apply. The articles in this handbook represent the work solely of the authors and not of the committee as a whole. The contents of this handbook are intended as a starting point for research; they cannot substitute for individualized legal advice. Articles are current only as of their stated “last revised” date. All articles are the copyrighted works of their authors.

Thanks again to all of the contributors for researching, writing and polishing their articles for the handbook. Whether you are a journalist attempting to understand the laws that govern your activities, a legal generalist seeking an introduction to a media law topic, or a specialist interested in a knowledgeable analysis, we hope that you find this handbook helpful. Please note: all of the articles for the Media Law Handbook are in the process of being updated, year of most recent publication is indicated.  When all of the articles are finalized, a downloadable version of the entire handbook will be made available on this page.