Process and Procedure to Propose a New Discussion Community

Role of the Discussion Communities Not Affiliated with a Committee
A Missouri Bar online discussion community is established to provide the opportunity to connect, collaborate and share knowledge and resources with Missouri Bar members focused on the law‐related and/or administration of justice area.

Members may request the establishment of a law-related, stand-alone online discussion community (e.g. listserv‐type forum) that is not affiliated directly with a Missouri Bar committee by following the new discussion community proposal process and meeting the minimum requirements.

Step 1: New Discussion Community Application

The New Discussion Community Application ensures that the member submitting the application has reviewed the current Standing Committees of The Missouri Bar  and any existing discussion communities that are not affiliated with a Missouri Bar Committee to ensure that the new discussion community being proposed demonstrates it will address a unique and unmet need for a discussion forum in the connect.MOBAR structure and will not interfere, dilute or overlap negatively with the focus and/or efforts of an existing committee or discussion community.

Timing Deadline: Members who wish to propose a new discussion community may do so at any time during the bar year. 

Step 2: Member Petition

A Member Petition containing the requisite member support is required for any New Discussion Community Application.  The Member Petition ensures the new discussion community being proposed demonstrates it will have a significant commitment and complement of members at its inception (25 or more members) and will have a commitment from at least one member who will act as an active moderator to ensure discussions adhere to the terms of service agreement. 

Timing Deadline: The member of The Missouri Bar submitting a New Discussion Community Application will be emailed a printable petition form and a link to an online petition form within five business days after submitting the application.  The individual must then solicit and collect the names of 25 or more members of The Missouri Bar in good standing who pledge support for the establishment of the new proposed discussion community as a member, as well as, leadership commitment as required.  This can be submitted any time during the bar year in which the application was submitted.

Step 3: Request for Review

When the individual submitting the New Discussion Community Application has successfully collected the requisite number of names on the Member Petition, they must submit a Request for Review.  This request can be accomplished using the following links:

Timing Deadline: The Request for Review may be submitted any time during the bar year in which the application was submitted.

Final Determination
Any new discussion community application fully completed and meeting the minimum requirements for review during the bar year will be considered by the Board Assessment Committee. This committee of the Board of Governors will formulate a recommendation which will be taken up by the Board of Governors and acted upon at its next meeting (according to the process timeline) for approval or disapproval at its sole discretion. 

Criteria for Continuation of Discussion Community

For a new discussion community to remain active and authorized, it will be required to achieve the following criteria for continuation which will be reviewed annually: 

  • Expand to have 50 or more subscribers within one year of inception and maintain this minimum level annually.
  • Identify and maintain one member of the discussion community to monitor discussions and ensure adherence to the terms of use related to connect.MOBAR discussion communities.
  • Show activity equivalent to at least 10 unique posts per month per 50 subscribers averaged annually.
  • Not be shown to interfere or dilute any discussion community affiliated with a standing committee of The Missouri Bar or another law-related, stand-alone discussion community.
  • Maintain a focus and tenor of discussion that is appropriate and consistent with the diverse views of an integrated bar.