Supreme Court of Missouri Notices

This page is a quick reference for locating recent official notices of Supreme Court of Missouri orders adopting, amending, or repealing rules, or policies related to Supreme Court rules. The Missouri Bar provides these notices to Missouri lawyers through print and electronic media, including the Journal of The Missouri Bar, ESQ., and For a full list of Supreme Court of Missouri orders, visit the Court's website here.

The Missouri Bar Notices

COVID-19 Safety Information

The Missouri Bar takes the safety and well-being of its members, the public, and its employees very seriously. We will continue to monitor the coronavirus and its variants, adapting our services and events as appropriate, based on the advice of governments, public health authorities, and medical professionals.

  • We will inform you of any changes that affect you, especially when it comes to in-person events. This includes any cancellation notices or changes to venue, format, or safety guidelines.  

  • Whenever possible, any notices will be announced at least three days in advance of an event.

  • We encourage all attendees of Missouri Bar events to be aware of and follow CDC guidelines for large gatherings.

  • Help us keep everyone in attendance safe by not attending if, within the 10 days prior to the event:

               - You have tested positive for COVID-19;
               - You have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19; or
               - You have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Be respectful of the personal comfort level of other attendees when it comes to physical distancing, including shaking hands or other gestures common in networking environments.

By registering for and attending a Missouri Bar event, you agree to take necessary measures , including departing the event, and to notify The Missouri Bar at if you test positive for COVID-19 or begin to experience symptoms of COVID-19. Furthermore, you agree to notify The Missouri Bar at if you test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days after the event.    

Please also be advised that, pursuant to RSMo. 537.1005, effective Aug. 28, 2021, “under Missouri law, any individual entering the premises or engaging the services of the business waives all civil liability against the individual or entity for any damages based on inherent risks associated with an exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19, except for recklessness or willful misconduct.”

Please contact The Missouri Bar with any questions or concerns.


COVID-19 Information and Resources

Our Response Resource Center for Lawyers 


Board of Governors Notices

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