Board Minutes

Board Minutes - July 16, 2010
Big Cedar Lodge, Branson

Members present:
H. A. “Skip” Walther, President
John S. Johnston, President-Elect
Lynn Whaley Vogel, Vice-President
Thomas M. Burke, Past President
Keith A. Birkes, Secretary

Erik Bergmanis
Stephen R. Bough
Suzanne B. Bradley
P. John Brady
Hon. Richard Bresnahan
Mark W. Comley
Hon. Charles Curless
Dana Tippin Cutler
Brian Francka
Carol Chazen Friedman
Genevieve M. Frank
Alan B. Gallas
John R. Gunn
Richard F. Halliburton
Paul G. Henry
Edward J. Hershewe
Vincent F. Igoe, Jr.
Jennifer M. Joyce
Marie A. Kenyon
Hon. John F. Kintz
Neil F. Maune, Jr.
Hon. Karen King Mitchell
Max E. Mitchell
Hon. Mark H. Neill
Douglass F. Noland
Megan E. Phillips
W. Edward Reeves
Joseph P. Rice, III
Brett W. Roubal
Deanna K. Scott
Allan D. Seidel
Patricia A. Sexton
Reuben Shelton
Walter R. Simpson
Wallace Squibb
Patrick B. Starke
Hon. David L. Vincent
Raymond E. Williams
Eric J. Wulff

Members absent:
Tom Casey
Nancy Mogab
1. Minutes:
Minutes from the Board of Governors’ May 14 meeting and Executive Committee meetings of May 14 and June 3 were reviewed and approved.
2. Finances:
Mr. Bergmanis reviewed The Missouri Bar’s 2009 audit and current financial statements.  The Board of Governors approved the financial report.  Mr. Bergmanis moved the approval of the attached Annual Meeting budget, and it was approved.
3. Legislation:
Mr. Catherine Barrie reviewed various legislative proposals that had been signed by the Governor and reviewed Missouri Bar drafted legislation, which is being developed and will be submitted to the Board of Governors in September.
4. Appointments:
There were no appointments  in July, and it was noted that in September the Trustees of The Missouri Bar will have a vacancy that will be on the agenda to fill.
5. Reports:
A. Young Lawyers Section Council
Mr. John Gunn, YLS liaison to the Board of Governors, reported on various YLS programs and activities that are under way, including plans in connection with the Annual Meeting.
B. Leadership Academy
Academy co-chairs Bob Ortbals and Krystal Whatley introduced this year’s class, and each of the members of that class reviewed the projects and activities they have undertaken.
C. Executive Committee Report
(1) Red Flags Appeal – Proposed Brief for Amicus Curiae
Mr. Walther reviewed the issues regarding the Federal Trade Commission Red Flags rules.  It was moved and seconded that The Missouri Bar join the New York State Bar Association as amicus curiae in this matter.
(2) Professionalism Committee Council Recommendations
Mr. Walther reported on the Committee Council’s recommendations and the Executive Committee’s
recommendation.  The Board of Governors approved the Executive Committee’s recommendation.
(3) Missouri State Public Defender Crisis
The continuing funding problems facing the public defender system were discussed.  No action was taken.  
(4) The Non-Partisan Court Plan
Mr. Walther reviewed the various attacks and challenges that have been mounted this year against the Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan.  None of those attacks have succeeded to date, and The Missouri Bar remains vigilant in protecting the non-partisan merit-based selection of  judges in Missouri where it exists.
(5) Strategic Plan
The proposed strategic plan was approved with several  minor clerical revisions.
D. Officers’ Reports
(1) President’s Report
Mr. Walther reviewed various efforts to inform the citizens of Missouri about merit selection of judges.  He discussed the upcoming judicial evaluation survey and indicated the officers of The Missouri Bar would continue to educate the public about the value of a well-qualified and impartial judiciary.  Mr. Walther also reviewed plans in connection with the upcoming Annual Meeting in Columbia and made reference to the attached news articles.
(2) President-Elect’s Report
Mr. Johnston reviewed various plans and likely activities he is considering during the next Bar year (see attached).
(3) Vice-President’s Report
Ms. Vogel reviewed plans to implement The Missouri Bar’s
new pro bono website and other matters related to the
delivery of legal services.
(4) Executive Director’s Report
Mr. Birkes reported on the upcoming Board of Governors’
election, the ethics complaints that has been dismissed
against The Missouri Bar, staff transitions and the new
Board members’ orientation, which is scheduled on
September 10 in Jefferson City.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Keith A. Birkes, Secretary