Board Minutes

Board Minutes - July 21, 2006
Members present:
Douglas A. Copeland, President
C. Ronald Baird, President-Elect
Charlie J. Harris, Jr., Vice-President
Joe B. Whisler, Past President
Keith A. Birkes, Secretary
William R. Bay
Erik Bergmanis
Joseph C. Blanton, Jr.
P. John Brady
Hon. Richard Bresnahan
Newton C. Brill
Thomas M. Burke
Thomas J. Casey
Dana Tippin Cutler
Sherry L. Doctorian
Chad A. Gaddie
Mike Greenwell
Richard F. Halliburton
Bruce F. Hilton
Vincent F. Igoe, Jr.
John S. Johnston
Jennifer M. Joyce
George E. Kapke
Hon. John F. Kintz
Thomas M. Lang
William J. Lasley
Mark H. Levison
Karen R. McCarthy
Max E. Mitchell
Matthew M. Mocherman
Douglass F. Noland
Daniel A. Raniere
John A. Ruth
Allan D. Seidel
Walter R. Simpson
Wallace S. Squibb
Eric J. Wulff
Members absent:
Carol Chazen Friedman
Ed Hershewe
Sylvester James, Jr.
Alok Srivastava
H. A. “Skip” Walther
James C. Wirken
Also Present:
Gary Toohey
Catherine Barrie
Christopher Janku
Stephen Murrell
Millie Aulbur
Jack Wax
Dee Shepherd
Kent Hopper
Linda Oligschlaeger
Dan Lehmen
Wayne Greer
1. Minutes:
Minutes from the Board of Governors’ May 12 meeting and Executive Committee meetings June 27, May 12 and June 12 were reviewed and approved.
2. Financial Report:
Mr. Burke reported on the status of The Missouri Bar’s finances and indicated that our revenues and expenditures were in line with the year’s budget. The proposed specific budget for the Annual Meeting was also reviewed and approved.
3. Legislation:
Ms. Catherine Barrie reported on various legislative enactments and proposals reflected on the attached summary.
4. ABA Delegates’ Report:
Ms. Doreen Dodson, The Missouri Bar’s senior ABA delegate, reported on a variety of issues that will come before the American Bar Association House of Delegates at their summer meeting. The Board expressed their appreciation to Ms. Dodson and the other delegates appointed by The Missouri Bar for their fine service to the profession and the ABA House.
5. Appointments:
A. Current Appointments:
(1) ABA House of Delegates
Following discussion, the Board of Governors resolved to reappoint Doreen Dodson to an additional term and to appoint Dale Doerhoff and Bill Corrigan to serve the first of two terms. It was noted that The Missouri Bar may receive an additional delegate seat, and there was discussion of the philosophy that might be used in filling that seat. The Board of Governors did resolve to provide the necessary information to the ABA in order to be considered for that additional seat.
(2) Alcohol Intervention Committee
Mr. Jeff Thomsen’s term is expiring and, being eligible for reappointment, the Board of Governors resolved to reappoint him for an additional term.
B. September Appointments
(1) Trustees of The Missouri Bar
It was noted that Mr. Mark Comley’s second term is expiring and that
he is not eligible for reappointment. This matter will be taken up at the
September meeting.
6. Committee Reports:
A. Gender and Justice Committee
Ms. Joyce reported that the Committee continues to develop its follow-up gender and justice study, which will be presented to the Board of Governors when the draft is completed.
B. Unauthorized Practice of Law
Mr. Casey reported that the Committee has met and continues to discuss all ways to appropriately control the unauthorized practice of law in Missouri.
C. Leadership Academy
Ms. Coleman reviewed the purposes of the Leadership Academy and introduced the members of this year’s class present and each of them described the project he/she is working on as part of his/her commitment to the Leadership Academy.
D. Annual Meeting
Mr. Tom Burke reviewed the content of this year’s Annual Meeting, which
promises to be excellent.
E. Loan Repayment Assistance Program
Ms. Doctorian reported on the status of continuing contributions to this project
and particularly noted the outstanding efforts Mr. Hershewe has made to raise
money for this program.
7. Structure of the Judiciary in Missouri:
Mr. Copeland comprehensively reviewed the Executive Committee’s discussion regarding the status of the Judicial Article. Various members of the Board of Governors noted the comments that had been received to date regarding potential changes to the Judicial Article and commented on the various materials enclosed.
Following extensive discussion, the Board of Governors resolved that the president of The Missouri Bar should appoint a commission to review all aspects of the status of the Judicial Article following discussions between the officers of The Missouri Bar and all of the judges of the Supreme Court.
8. Officers’ Report:
A. Executive Director’s Report
Mr. Birkes reported on the Board of Governors’ election, new Board members’ orientation, the lawyers’ assistance program, upcoming Board meetings and pending annual meeting contracts. Recent staff directors’ analysis of current programs and activities was also reviewed.
B. Vice-President’s Report
Mr. Harris reviewed possible sites for the 2008 Midyear Seminar in the Bahamas.
There was an extensive discussion of returning to the Bahamas for a meeting. It
was noted that the cost for hotel rooms and air transportation would be only
slightly higher than domestic locations. Specifically, a proposal from the Hotel
Atlantis was recommended, and the Board of Governors approved the contract
with Atlantis for the 2008 Midyear Seminar.
C. President-Elect’s Report
Mr. Baird reported on his civic education initiative, including plans in connection
with Constitution Day on September 17. Mr. Baird also indicated that the Online
Legal Research Committee, which he chairs, will meet again before the Annual
Meeting and is progressing toward making a recommendation to the Board of Governors regarding a company to provide online legal research to all members of The Missouri Bar.
D. President’s Report
Mr. Copeland reported on the following items:
(1) Policy Regarding the Use of Email Addresses by Members of the
Board of Governors
Following discussion of this matter, Mr. Copeland indicated that a revision
to the policy will be brought back to the Board of Governors at the
September meeting for consideration in order to allow appropriate use of
email addresses by members of the Board of Governors.
(2) State Public Defender System
Mr. Copeland reviewed the successful effort to increase funding for the
state public defender system and ongoing activities in order to further
increase funding and ensure the most efficient operation of that system.
(3) Supreme Court Pro Se Implementation Committee
Mr. Copeland reviewed activities in this area and indicated that Mr. Lori
Levine, chair of that committee, will be present at the September meeting
to further report.
(4) Unbundled Legal Services
Unbundled legal services were reviewed and, again, Mr. Copeland
indicated that Mr. Gallas, the chair of that committee, will report at
the September Board meeting.
(5) Congressional Visit
Mr. Copeland reviewed the results of a recent visit by the officers of
The Missouri Bar to all members of The Missouri Bar’s congressional
delegation in Washington, D.C. Those visits produced good discussions
on all federal legislative issues of interest to The Missouri Bar.
(6) HJR 55
Public attitudes regarding HJR 55 and the funds approved by the Board
of Governors to assist the Court in polling/focus groups on this topic
were reviewed. It was noted that the focus groups and polling have not
occurred as yet.
(7) Media Coverage
Mr. Copeland referred members of the Board to the various media
coverage that The Missouri Bar has received during the last several
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Keith Birkes, Secretary