Board Minutes

October 1, 2003 (Organizational meeting)
Columbia, Missouri

Members Present:
William M. Corrigan, Jr., President
Joe B. Whisler, President-Elect
Douglas A. Copeland, Vice-President
Dale C. Doerhoff, Past President
Keith A. Birkes, Secretary

C. Ronald Baird
Erik Bergmanis
Richard N. Bien
Joseph C. Blanton, Jr.
P. John Brady
Richard Bresnahan
Thomas M. Burke
Thomas J. Casey
Morry S. Cole
Richard J. Collins
Dana Tippin Cutler
Sherry Doctorian
Carol Chazen Friedman
Chad A. Gaddie
Mike Greenwell
Richard F. Halliburton
Charlie J. Harris
Hon. Don M. Henry
Bruce F. Hilton
Vincent F. Igoe, Jr.
John S. Johnston
George E. Kapke
Hon. John F. Kintz
Thomas M. Lang
William J. Lasley
Mark H. Levison
Karen R. McCarthy
Max E. Mitchell
Daniel A. Raniere
John A. Ruth
Daniel J. Ryan
Allan D. Seidel
Robert H. Shaw
Wallace Squibb
Richard G. Steele
F. Dianne Taylor
H.A. Skip Walther
Eric J. Wulff

Also Present:
Millie Aulbur
Catherine Barrie
Cecil Caulkins
Carla Counsil
Wayne Greer
Kent Hopper
Jim Howard
Chris Janku
Dan Lehmen
Stephen Murrell
Linda Oligschlaeger
Delores Shepherd
Robert Stoeckl
Gary Toohey
Jack Wax


1. 2003 Board of Governors Election Results:

Mr. Doerhoff accepted the certified results of the 2003 Board election.

2. Nomination and Election of the 2003-2004 President of The Missouri Bar:

Mr. Burke nominated Mr. Corrigan as President. The nomination was seconded by Mr. Blanton. There being no further nominations, Mr. Corrigan was elected by acclamation. At this point, Mr. Corrigan took the Chair.

3. Nomination and Election of the 2003-2004 President-Elect of The Missouri Bar:

Mr. Lang nominated Mr. Whisler as President-Elect. The nomination was seconded by Messrs. Bien and Steele. There being no further nominations, Mr. Whisler was elected by acclamation.

4. Nomination and Election of the 2003-2004 Vice-President of The Missouri Bar:

Mr. Casey nominated Mr. Copeland. The nomination was seconded by Messrs. Baird and Igoe. Mr. Raniere nominated Mr. Levison. The nomination was seconded by Messrs. Igoe and Ryan. Upon a vote by written ballot, Mr. Copeland was elected Vice-President.

5. Caucus and Election of District Members of the Executive Committee:

At this point, the meeting briefly recessed and the members caucused by district of the Court of Appeals to nominate representatives to the Executive Committee. The meeting reconvened, and the following were selected as new members of the Executive Committee: Mr. Greenwell from the Eastern District, Mr. Ryan from the Western District, and Mr. Baird from the Southern District.

6. Next Meeting of the Board of Governors:

Mr. Corrigan reminded members that the 2003-2004 Board of Governors will meet in Jefferson City on November 21 for its first regular meeting, at which time the Board will consider, among other matters, the budget for the 2003-2004 Bar year.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith A. Birkes, Secretary